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Luxuriance-Tech was established in 1992, profession at selling and servicing of plastic injection moulding machines and equipments.  We are the Taiwanese agent of Tool-Temp (Switzerland) and FarragTech (Austria).  In 2015, Luxuriance expanded its business into plastic injection molding factory, to design and develop injection mold and injection molding for customer.

Precise optical plastic injection molding has become one of the most important industries in Taiwan. To ensure the quality of injection molding products, we need not only precise injection molding machine and mold, but also environment improving, precise and steady mold temperature, and good quality of dehumidifying and drying effect of raw materials.

The Temperature Control Units (TCU) of Tool-Temp come from Switzerland. The units could assist in semiconductor and TFT-LCD industries. Tool-Temp has been the biggest and worldwide producer for TCUs. There are 108 dealers around the world, and we are the top of them. This could indicate the requiring for TCUs with high quality of Taiwanese photoelectric industry. The competitive can satisfy the needs of Taiwanese market. All the units must be tested strictly to prove the firmness and durability before being sold, that is why there are decades of companies using Tool-Temp’s TCU

FarragTech is founded in Austria and by Mr. Rainer Farrag, the inventor of compressed air resin drying. It brought the plastic industry the simplicity and compactness Compressed Air Resin Dryer with many good facilities such as life time performance stability and operational economy.  There are economic controller which is simply and high-quality and superior FIT controller with variety of functions and facilities. Both of the controller can easily controller resin drying and prevent material degradation.

OEM, ODM and import agent are all welcome to contact with us. Need not to purchase equipment, we can provide you the best suppliers/ manufactures to cooperate with you. Besides, we have experience in the field of Silicon mold development and plastic injection molding. We have the molding machine from ENGEL, famous and big brand in Europe and the ELMET’s mixer special for silicon molding in order to achieve stable quality, competitive, on-time delivery and meet customers’ needs.

Quality, price and delivery time are our strict demands.