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CARD G dryer

Directly from the inventor--- Compressed Air Resin Drying!
In 1991, the compressed air resin drying invention by Rainer Farrag brought the plastics industry major advantages such as life time performance stability, operational economy, simplicity and compactness.
The CARD Series is developed by the FarragTech Team in Wolfurt/ Austria with the highest innovation and more than 20 years of experience in the industry. FarragTech is now offering more than 30 different types and sizes of compressed air based resin dryers and a wide variety of accessories.

The G-series with hopper sizes 1~6 liter is developed for lowest material throughput on micro-molding machines. Equipped with the superior FIT-controller it does not leave any with unfulfilled. No material degradation with recipe drying, data recording, weekly timer, calendar timer, interface to connect to the processing machine… And when it comes time to change materials, the insulated stainless steel hopper is easy to clean through the hinged lid without disconnecting the integrated loader. It is simply a miniature of its bigger brothers in the S-series.

Being on a budget does not mean sacrificing quality. The G Series in the same stainless steel quality of the G/FIT is also available with simple, high quality temperature controller.  It is still capable of controlling a hopper loader and it will also prevent material degradation by automatically lowering the set temperature when no material demand is detected.