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CARD E/S/M dryer

The economy version of the S-Series offers the same 6 hopper sizes in stainless steel quality and insulation for high temperature operation up to 200°C with the same simple and precise temperature controller we are using in the CARD G series without sacrificing drying performance.
The E-Series made its debut in long run and low volume jobs with its simple plug and play operation and the ability of controlling one hopper loader.
The CARD E is simply unbeatable with its modulating energy control and its price tag.

This best seller series is designed for intermediate throughput in 6 hopper sizes from 10 to 160 liters with our FIT-controller to satisfy every need. The modulating energy control, easy to clean design of the stainless steel hopper, hinged lid, sight glass frame with integrated handle on both sides, interface to connect two proportional loaders and the externally dis-connectable air distributor among the uncountable details of the S-Series explain why it is our most sought after model.


The M-Series, available in 6 sizes from 40 to 375 liter, is the connecting link between the S- and L-Series. The unbeatable economy of the L-Series with the secondary air preheating process set in the compact housing of the S-Series. On a mobile frame with a suction box or mounted directly above the feed throat, the M-Series is as flexible as its “Smaller” siblings. The FIT-controller in front and the interface on the back side of the high quality dryer combined with 70% compressed air savings, the service door, hinged lid and 3 sight glasses set the M-Series in a class of its own.