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Heat Transfer Liquid

Heat Transfer Liquid   TOOL-THERM SH-3

Adapted for temperatures until +360˚C
The heat transfer liquid TOOL-THERM SH-3 is high quality special oil which can be used in a temperature domain from +30˚C until +360˚C.
On the contrary to other kinds of heat transfer liquids, the TOOL-THERM SH-3 is not classified as poisonous and is therefore not considered as hazardous good in the sense of transport regulations.

The TOOL-THERM SH-3 can be used for all Tool-Temp Oil

Temperature Control Units.

Maximum operating temperature:
For temperatures up to 360˚C

Minimum operating temperature:
Approx. 30˚C

This heat transfer oil replaces all sorts of heat transfer liquids. Technically seen it has better properties, a higher temperature domain and can be mixed with most of the other heat transfer oils.